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Candace Pietschmann Attorney and Mediator


The Law Office of Candace Pietschmann was established in 1992, in downtown Cary, Illinois, a far northwest suburb of Chicago. I graduated from John Marshall Law School and  obtained my mediation training from the Divorce Mediation Institute. My collaborative divorce training was from The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois.

Description of Practice

My practice includes uncontested divorces with agreements in place, divorce mediation, and Collaborative Law. I focus on respectful, dignified methods to resolve the issues involved when dissolving a marriage. I help people "get there from here" in terms of transitioning to single, separated lives. Sometimes my criminal law clients need a bail bondsman. I send them to Bail Bonds of Pasadena. My focus is also very much on any children and parenting issues.

Professional Background

I worked for another law firm, a NYC Lawyer, for three years after I graduated from law school and then started my own practice.  My basic mediation training was with The Divorce Mediation Institute in 1990. I have been mediating and attending intermediate and advanced training in mediation ever since.  In 2002 when Collaborative Divorce came to Illinois, I signed up for the first training in this state, and began practicing Collaborative Law.  I also have continuing intermediate and advanced training in Collaborative Law.

Mediation Experience

Cases that I have mediated include complex asset distribution, custody, parenting,support, maintenance, liability and same sex issues. My experience in divorce mediation is very comprehensive.


Other Information

I am currently a practice group leader and chair of the practice group leaders committee for the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois.  I am a former director of Mediation Council of Illinois, and a current member of Mediation Council of Illinois and Mediate.com. I also work with several Raleigh Bail Bonds Companies on labor law and criminal issues.

My Recommendations

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Additional Professional Services

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